Others about us

Ivona Popović

“In 2011, I attended two courses of Norwegian at Patuljak – the beginner and the intermediate levels. Thanks to the excellent teaching and competent lecturers, I passed the Norwegian test Prove 3 – B1 level in Oslo. Now I am ready to start working in Norway.”

Jelena Dimitrijević
 2nd year student of University of Belgrade Law School

“I’ve been at Patuljak for the last 4 years. I came with the B1 level and during my time here I managed to pass the B2, C1 and C2 levels. I am extremely satisfied with the ways in which we learnt and acquired knowledge. Special thanks go to my teacher Matijana Matic – for her professionalism, the relationship she has with students and the quality of teaching. The knowledge I gained as well as experiencing the UK first-hand in 2010 helped me get independent, broaden my horizons, and I’m sure it will help me in the future in my career of a lawyer. Thanks to my excellent knowledge of English I was able to attend many guest lectures given by international lecturers at my first year of university (University of Belgrade’s Law School).”

Mirjana Dobrić

“I came to Patuljak when I was 11, in my 5th grade. I have always been drawn to the English language, because a language provides one with so many opportunities to learn something new. Currently I am studying English language and literature at University and I want to become an English teacher. Learning English at Patuljak has only strengthened the love I had for the language. Patuljak gave me the opportunity to visit England where I particularly liked the sightseeing and talking to the native speakers. What I like about Patuljak is the teaching methods, the learning itself and the atmosphere in the class. I always feel at home there. My younger sister and brother followed my example and went to Patuljak, as well.